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10 Workout Tips For Every Beginner In The Gym

Starting our fitness journey can be very exciting especially when we are motivated by our fitness goals. Most people shred fats in the gym. The gym is a perfect place for us to lose weight, with all the equipment and technology needed to help us with our goals.


Before heading to the gym, here are ten tips every beginner should consider.


Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

Buy your own pair of shoes that are functional and are comfortable to wear. Shoes will help you perform workouts better and can prevent you from injuries.


Workout Every Day

Make fitness a habit by exercising daily. Experts say that it takes 21 days to make an activity a habit. For starters, we suggest that you don’t skip gym day. However, you are not required to do heavy training.


Set Goals

In your fitness habit, it is important that you set goals daily. Create a list of workouts that you should accomplish for the day. Of course, your long-term goal is to have a fit body.


Do Cardio

Cardo workout gets your heart rate up and improves blood circulation. As your heart beats faster, you burn more fats. Cardio also stimulate metabolism.


Start Light

Do not pressure yourself. Start with light weights. You can perform at least 3 strength workouts focusing on one core – 3 sets x 12 reps.


Finish Every Rep

Do not cheat. If you want to achieve your goals, finish every reps and sets. Also, control your lifts. Make sure that you lift properly and execute perfectly.


Proper Posture

Study suggests that fitness results often get delayed due to improper posture while doing the workouts. It is important that you follow the perfect posture in executing certain workouts.


Follow Diet

Do not cheat again! Limit your calorie intake, avoid fatty and oily foods, no sugar and more water. The real workout starts in the kitchen, not in the gym.



Take supplements that are suitable for you. As a beginner, it is advisable that you take protein powder, 1 gram per body weight to help your muscles recover.


Have a Gym Buddy

Surround yourself with people with the same fitness goals as you!



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